I finally got done with my Christmas decorations for this year.
Here are some photo's of the house all ready for Santa to come!
This is the entry way with some of my Christmas dolls.

Family Room Mantle

Some more of my Christmas Dolls

Family Room Tree

Dining Room Table
Cute Wall Tree that my good friend Linda sent me this year!
I love it!!
Kitchen Counter

Kitchen Nook Area

Dining Room Table Again

Family Room


  1. Oh wow, you have been busy. Looks so pretty though. Love how you did everything. The wall tree is looking good, so funny as I have some of those same bell ornaments with the peachish flowers on them. I have to put a few more things on mine, fill it in.
    Your family room looks lovely too.
    I will finishe taking photos of mine this week and get them on.
    Hugs, Linda

  2. Your home is lovely and I would LOVE seeing all of your dolls up close! I know I spot some Marie Osmond dolls! I love them all and you have everything arranged beautifully! Merry Christmas!