Wednesday Wee Ones

This is my first Wednesday Wee Ones post!
Thanks to Lavender Dreams at
This is Baskets & Blooms from the Marie Osmond collection.
Redressed for Christmas with her new angel wings that I received
from my good friend Linda over at the
She looks so cute in her new wings!
Thanks so much Linda!!

She is a usually dressed in her Easter dress but I change into her
Christmas clothes and with her new wings she looks like a angel.

Pink Tree in Master Bedroom

I woke up yesterday with this idea in my head so I went to the
garage and got my pink tree! I have been collecting Pinky and Blue
Boy for some time now and have a lot of it in my master bedroom.
So I decided to a tree with this theme and I really like it for change
and it goes perfect with my room. Two years ago I was lucky to find these
Christopher Radko ornaments on Ebay. I try to collect everything I can
find of Pinky & Blue Boy!
Blue Boy And Pinky Tree

With the lights on

Close up of Christopher Radko Ornaments Pinky & Blue Boy
& Marie Osmonds Pinky & Blue Boy Petite Amores
On the top of my washstand is a pair of Lefton Pinky &
Blue Boy. The Little dolls on the sides of the tree are
from the Madam Alexander Collection.


I finally got done with my Christmas decorations for this year.
Here are some photo's of the house all ready for Santa to come!
This is the entry way with some of my Christmas dolls.

Family Room Mantle

Some more of my Christmas Dolls

Family Room Tree

Dining Room Table
Cute Wall Tree that my good friend Linda sent me this year!
I love it!!
Kitchen Counter

Kitchen Nook Area

Dining Room Table Again

Family Room

Baby Room Theme

Over the weekend my daughter Cheri and I went shopping to Toys R Us and found this cute set for the nursery. It's called Animals of the Rainforest by Fisher Price.

I bought this for her along with the lamp to match and also some wall stickers to match. I was on ebay and found some light switches and some dresser knobs.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
My daughter and I cooked all day and we are finally done. We made home made
cornbread stuffing, jello salad, Banana bread and two pecan pies and one pumpkin.
I am still recovering from surgery so she had to help with all the pre cooking. She learned
how to make pies today and stuffing and she did a excellent job!
She is coming over early tomorrow afternoon to help me with the dinner. Everyone
will be here except my number two son Chris and his family. My daughter in law
called me to say that she is having a baby too! So I am excited to have two new
grandchildren next year! One little boy due in April and this one will be due
at the end of July. Still hoping for that girl, so we have to wait until the
ultra sound to find out!!
Cheri's first homemade pies!!

It's a Boy

Yesterday my daughter Cheri went in for her ultra sound and she is having a boy! This will be three sons for her and five grandsons for me. I was hoping for a little girl this time so I could share my doll collection with. So now it's up to my son Chris for a girl. They have two sons and want another one so maybe they will have a little girl. I am happy with the new baby boy coming the first part of April! It will be so much fun to have a little one to cuddle and take care of. Justin, Cheri's 8 year old wanted a sister but Erik who is 6 said he only wanted a brother because he didn't want any barbies in his room! Lol They are both very excited to have a new baby brother coming to their house.

My First Post!

Welcome to my blog! I decided to start doing this while I am recovering from surgery that was done in late Sept. I am on restricted activity which means no housework for three months! No lifting, pulling or pushing! I guess I should be thrilled at the no housework thing but after awhile it gets old. I am not used to
not working so it's getting a little boring. I still have six weeks to go and should be doing much better just around Christmas time. I love to decorate for the holidays but won't be able to do all of it this year.
My daughter helped me with the Halloween decorations this year. We didn't get to the usual ones for the outside decore but did get a fall wreath for the door.
I will add some Halloween pictures later on and also some of the fall decorations that I put out this week.