Wednesday Wee Ones

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This little sweet doll is named Cheri and she is made by the Ashten Drake Co.
I got her because she reminded me of my daughter when she was a baby and
her name is spelled the way my daughter Cheri's is.
A close up of her sweet face
I bought this wicker swan at a Antique shop in Datian Neveda a couple of years
ago. It was all dirty and was a natural wicker color. I spray painted white and relined
it with lace and hot glued pearls and satin pink roses and bows to it.

I made this little pillow to match for head to lay on.

Here she is in her new bed.


  1. You did such a great job on that swan, it is darling for your "Cheri" to rest in.

  2. She's adorable. And I love the swan bed!
    Thanks for your comment on my post. I would love to see the picture of the little girl that goes with my boy picture. I would like to know the name of these paintings when you find it.
    (No hurry) Thanks so much and have a Fabulous day!

  3. Merilyn,
    I just wanted to pop over and let you know that today I posted a Wednesday ~ Wee One ~
    for the first time.
    I love seeing your dolls and thought I would put one of mine on.
    Take a look if you have time.
    Have a great day!