Today I thought I would share this little cutie from the
Marie Osmond collection. Her name is Romance and she was a doty
award winner last year. She has beautiful long dark hair and is dressed
in red and white which makes her perfect to display for Valentines.
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Click on pictures to make them bigger.
Her skin is olive color and she has dark brown eyes.

Sweet little face!

She is one of my favorate dolls!


  1. She is really gorgeous! I love Marie Osmond dolls...they have the most beautiful faces and gorgeous clothes! Love the frilly dress on this one! Thanks for joining in! I need to make a list on my blog! I'm glad you told me you were joining in! ♥

  2. I added a link to your blog on my post now! Thanks for telling me! I'm so happy to have you along for the fun! ♥ I love dolls! ♥

  3. She is beautiful!
    I love Marie Osmond dolls also.
    Thanks for letting me join in on the fun.

    I use to watch Marie Osmond on QVC but I never know when she is going to be on with her dolls.
    Do you know if she still sells on QVC and where I can find a schedule ?!?

    Thanks for everything!

  4. I was so busy today I didn't get to post but next week will be less busy, so be back at it.
    Romance is so pretty, I like her , perfect for this time of year!

  5. What a cutie -- she is a very pretty doll.

  6. So sweet. I love the dolls and wish I had my dolls that I grew up with. These are so pretty and I can see why you love them. Happy V-Day

  7. What gorgeous dolls! Love truly lives in the details.

    Happy hearts day!