Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
My daughter and I cooked all day and we are finally done. We made home made
cornbread stuffing, jello salad, Banana bread and two pecan pies and one pumpkin.
I am still recovering from surgery so she had to help with all the pre cooking. She learned
how to make pies today and stuffing and she did a excellent job!
She is coming over early tomorrow afternoon to help me with the dinner. Everyone
will be here except my number two son Chris and his family. My daughter in law
called me to say that she is having a baby too! So I am excited to have two new
grandchildren next year! One little boy due in April and this one will be due
at the end of July. Still hoping for that girl, so we have to wait until the
ultra sound to find out!!
Cheri's first homemade pies!!


  1. Wow those look delisc! And I am sure with your big clan won't last long! Enjoy! Glad you got some help, alot to do when you are recovering.
    Sending Hugs and good wishes!

  2. Yummm ... Where is my plate?? Lol. Happy Thanksgiving!