It's a Boy

Yesterday my daughter Cheri went in for her ultra sound and she is having a boy! This will be three sons for her and five grandsons for me. I was hoping for a little girl this time so I could share my doll collection with. So now it's up to my son Chris for a girl. They have two sons and want another one so maybe they will have a little girl. I am happy with the new baby boy coming the first part of April! It will be so much fun to have a little one to cuddle and take care of. Justin, Cheri's 8 year old wanted a sister but Erik who is 6 said he only wanted a brother because he didn't want any barbies in his room! Lol They are both very excited to have a new baby brother coming to their house.


  1. Awww cute comments from the big brothers.
    Sounds like we both will be getting blue things then. I have started a pile already, some to wrap for the kids for Christmas.
    TTYS, Hugs, Linda

  2. Congrats on the new to be grandson!!!! I don't blame the other son- who wants to share a room with Barbies???