Welcome To Wednesday Wee Ones

Today I thought I would share this cute little girl. Her name
is Alyssa Blue and she is from the Marie Osmond Collection.
She was sculped by Kathy Smith Fitspatrick.
She has a very unique little face & big eyes.
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Her dress is made of chiffon in silverly light blue.

She is about 18 inches tall.
Happy Wednesday!!


  1. She is so pretty, WOW I love her blue eyes.
    Thanks so much for the information on the picture! I actually found Chums at a thrift store the other day. It is signed by Jane Freeman and it was only $3.00. The problem is, I think someone must have had it hanging in the sun because it seems sun faded compared to the color of the little boy picture,
    (Good Companions.)
    I am very tempted to bid on Chums on ebay. The coloring looks a lot closer to the coloring on my Good Companions picture.
    I will let you know. I will post the girl picture on my blog soon and see what you think.
    Thank You Soooooo Much for all of your help!
    You're the Best!

  2. Oh, I love her big expressive eyes! She is gorgeous...and the blue is one of my favorite colors! Thanks for joining me today! ♥ I'm adding your link to my post! ♥

  3. She has such a sweet face, love her.
    I will have to get back to posting this next week.