Well this is my first Metamorphsis Monday thanks to Susan at Between
Naps On the porch. I have been working on my Grandsons bedroom
all last week and we finally finished it on Saturday. I don't have a
before picture but the room was just white and had old off white drapes.
Justin who's 8 and Erik 6 picked out their new room color. They choose
this nice blue color because it was the color of the boys room in the movie Toy
Story. So Grams, that's me & their Pops my hubby got busy preparing the room
and getting it all ready to begin painting.
The picture below shows it all painted with new valances in the
Star War theme.
New comforters, Justin's picked Star Wars but Erik wanted his to be
Sponge Bob, so that's what he got!
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As you enter the room a giant wall sticker greets you!
It's Boba Fett from Star Wars

Below is the new throw rug I got for them.

This is their collection of Sponge Bob Lego's!!

More wall stickers and a nice new book shelf for their books
and collections!

They also love the Car's movie, so we did a border around the room of
car wall stickers.

We also took off their closet doors and made their closet into a
storage area for all their toys which keeps them organized
and easy to get to when they want to play.
We left the inside of the closet white so their would be a
contrast in the room. My daughter bought a bunch of
containers to put all their toys in. They pull out like drawers
and it keeps everything neat and in it's place.

They love their room now and have been keeping it neat!
They have a new little brother coming in April and we thought
since we were doing the baby's room we better do their room
too so they would feel special and have a new room to be proud of.
Next week I will show the new nursery all finished and
waiting for baby Christian to arrive!


  1. What a neat room! Of course they love it. They will have lots of fun with that rug too. I bought one when my grandsons were little and they played on it all the time. Love teh closet too. You did a good job:)

  2. I brought my 8 yr old son in for a gander and he deemed it "A cool room!" :)

  3. Oh that turned out cute, definite boys room .
    You all did alot of work, be they love their room.
    Hugs, Linda

  4. Merilyn it is a wonderfully cool room! I know they just love it. Great job!

    Many blessings my friend. ~Melissa :)

    PS Thank you for your kind visit today. It's always nice to hear from you sweet lady.

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